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Brian Paulsen

Entrepreneur, CTO
FinTech, Technology, Consulting
Kansas City, KS, USA

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Brian Paulsen is a retired technical executive at IBM.  He was fortunate to be on the forefront of object-oriented technology (think prior to C#, C++, Java).  Brian led custom application development teams building solutions in the finance industry.  My two passions were mentoring and finance.

At 32 years old, Brian had a 5 year-old and 1 year-old son, happily married and recently promoted to technical executive at IBM.  He should have felt like he had the world by the tail.  Instead Brian was stressed out and unhappy.  Why? He realized my life was out of balance.

Brian traveled 80% of the year. When he was home, he wasn’t present. Amy and the boys had nothing to want for except their dad and husband’s time. Brian was missing out on the most important years of my life… his kids’ childhood. Brian had allowed his life to become disconnected from my core values. Brian was stressed because he felt trapped.

The week after Thanksgiving 2005, Brian was on a flight home when he began building my 10-year plan to rebalance his life to his values. At age 42, Brian retired from IBM as the CTO of the IBM Account and refocused his career back to his passions… mentoring and finance.  Brian was able to watch his boys grow up and give us all what he feels was most valuable, time together.

Now Brian serves technical leaders to find that same balance in their lives. Brian applies the process he used to uncover the core values that are most fulfilling to you and your family.  Together, he defines  measurable, clearly defined, and integrated goals for your family, work and finances.  Then both parties determine what it will take to commit to and achieve those goals.


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