Brett Lindenberg

Headshot of CEO Brett Lindenberg

Brett Lindenberg

Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Orlando, FL, USA

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Brett Lindenberg is the Founder and CEO of Mindstamp.

In 2017, Brett Lindenberg founded Mindstamp in a Palo Alto, CA basement not too far from the legendary garage where Hewlitt Packard began, placing Silicon Valley at the epicenter of technology innovation. A former Amazon software engineer, Brett knew his future was in entrepreneurship. Mindstamp was originally designed as a social video tool that allowed friends to add additional content like notes and images to videos they were sharing between themselves. The idea came from Brett’s desire to feel closer to friends and family in his home state of Florida.

In 2019, as Brett observed more and more users of the platform uploading business video content and adding simple interactions like buttons or questions, he realized that interactive video could play a substantial role in sales, marketing, education and training. The legendary technology pivot was immediate. With a thoughtful feature and UI revamp, in early 2020 Mindstamp re-launched targeting any company using video, which is to say every company.

Since that launch, Mindstamp has been at the forefront of interactive video innovation, leading the industry in designing unique and powerful features from interaction types, actions those interactions can drive, innovations on video payments technology and the application of AI to video experiences. Brett Lindenberg shares his vision for the future of interactive video regularly and spends significant time engaging with clients to understand how they benefit most from making sales, marketing, education and learning videos more powerful through interaction.

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