Amir Berenjian

Headshot of co-founder Amir Berenjian

Amir Berenjian

Technology, VR
Minneapolis, MN, USA

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Amir Berenjian is the co-founder of REM5, a vertically integrated, immersive technology company focused on using virtual reality to impact positive change and social good. Opened in 2017, REM5 operates a 8,000 sq. ft. facility in Minneapolis, MN that is equipped with the latest in VR technology and hosts over 10,000 guests a year. REM5 for Good has facilitated VR-based education and training for K-12 schools and for diversity, equity and inclusion at national and multi-national companies. Amir is the lead designer of Steps of Privilege VR, an interactive VR experience that provides a safe space for users to explore and reflect on the nuances of their own privilege. Prior to co-founding REM5, he spent 12+ years in investment banking and corporate finance. Amir is a 2020 Oculus Launch Pad Fellow.


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