Amir Berenjian

Headshot of co-founder Amir Berenjian

Amir Berenjian

Technology, VR
Minneapolis, MN, USA

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Amir Berenjian is the co-founder of REM5, a vertically integrated, immersive technology company focused on using virtual reality to impact positive change and social good.

Opened in 2017, REM5 operates a 8,000 sq. ft. facility in Minneapolis, MN that is equipped with the latest in VR technology and hosts over 10,000 guests a year. REM5 for Good has facilitated VR-based education and training for K-12 schools and for diversity, equity and inclusion at national and multi-national companies. Amir is the lead designer of Steps of Privilege VR, an interactive VR experience that provides a safe space for users to explore and reflect on the nuances of their own privilege. Prior to co-founding REM5, he spent 12+ years in investment banking and corporate finance. Amir is a 2020 Oculus Launch Pad Fellow.

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REM5 VR LAB is an exciting, social experience for you and your friends or family to explore the wonders of modern virtual reality. 

The REM5 process is very similar to your favorite bowling alley. Instead of a lane, you rent a VR POD for your group where you have full access to their curated offering of world-class VR experiences. While at your POD, you can also enjoy a full menu of great food made in house and drinks including beer and wine.


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