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Dror Benjamin

Dror Benjamin Founder & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur Tel Aviv, Israel Listen to Dror's Podcast! Dror Benjamin is the Founder and CEO of VidiPlus, and a serial entrepreneur, visionary, and...

“Zoom Fatigue” Is Real: Why Businesses Are Innovating with WebXR

If you’re like everyone else, the last 12 months have been both one big blur and filled with far too many video...

Amir Berenjian

Amir Berenjian Co-Founder Technology, VR Minneapolis, MN, USA Listen to Amir's Podcast! Amir Berenjian is the co-founder of REM5, a vertically integrated, immersive technology company focused on using virtual...

Four Core Industries That Will be Impacted by Augmented Reality In...

The global pandemic forced us to take our operations online, creating a heavy reliance on virtual experiences. Augmented reality (AR) is to...

Evan Gappelberg

Evan Gappelberg Chief Executive Officer Technology, Augmented Reality New York, NY, USA Listen to Evan's Podcast! Evan Gappelberg is the Chief Executive Officer of NexTech AR, one of the...

Jason McGuigan

Jason McGuigan Head of Commercial Virtual Reality Technology, VR, AR Raleigh, NC, USA Listen to Jason's Podcast! Jason McGuigan is the Head of Commercial Virtual Reality at Lenovo, where...


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