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A Comprehensive Guide on AR App Development for 2024

In recent years, Augmented Reality technology has emerged as a groundbreaking technology that blends both digital and physical worlds. This technology offers immersive experiences...

The Underlying Humanity of Augmented Reality

We spend a lot of time talking about change at Signal Theory. We’ve seen it firsthand as people have shifted their media consumption habits...

Explore an Ancient Roman City in 215 with the New App...

Bernie Frischer, a renowned digital archaeologist, and founder of Flyover Zone, along with the German Archeological Institute, one of oldest archaeological research institutions in...

Why Brands Should Embrace AR Marketing

After the past 18 months, augmented reality is quickly graduating from novelty experience to mainstream expectation. Immersive shopping experiences that were once groundbreaking—such as...

The Parts of an Augmented Reality System

There was a time when we thought the most important technological event of 1999 would be the Y2K disaster—the feared timekeeping glitch that would...

What Will the Future of Work Look Like for Sales Professionals?

For B2B sales professionals, as for employees across a vast swath of roles, the COVID-19 pandemic brought an abrupt halt to business as usual....


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