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From Start to Success: Using AR to Revolutionize Your Startup

From cross-platform to WebAR and even making strides in the Metaverse, AR tech is the talk of the town for its functionality across various...

Robert Bell

Robert Bell Founder & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur Newport Beach, CA, USA Listen to Robert's Podcast! 2B3D Inc. was founded in 2020 by investor and philanthropist Robert Bell as an...

Why Brands Should Embrace AR Marketing

After the past 18 months, augmented reality is quickly graduating from novelty experience to mainstream expectation. Immersive shopping experiences that were once groundbreaking—such as...

The Parts of an Augmented Reality System

There was a time when we thought the most important technological event of 1999 would be the Y2K disaster—the feared timekeeping glitch that would...

“Zoom Fatigue” Is Real: Why Businesses Are Innovating with WebXR

If you’re like everyone else, the last 12 months have been both one big blur and filled with far too many video conferences. Nearly...

Amir Berenjian

Amir Berenjian Co-FounderTechnology, VRMinneapolis, MN, USA Listen to Amir's Podcast! Amir Berenjian is the co-founder of REM5, a vertically integrated, immersive technology company focused on using virtual...


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