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Transforming Online Beauty Shopping & Beyond with VR, AR, and AI

Welcome to a New Chapter in Online Beauty Shopping & E-commerce In an era where digital shopping experiences can rival the richness and personalization of...

Groundbreaking AR Superbowl Campaign for Snickers on Apple Vision Pro

Blippar and The Mars Agency redefine marketing with the world's first branded AR campaign on Apple Vision Pro, delivering an immersive experience for Snickers'...

A Veterans’ Path to a Technology-Driven PTSD Solution

It’s challenging to define what smart city technology actually looks like when living in the forefront of an Information Technology (IT) age. But understanding...

How this Tech Company is Helping Businesses and Changing the World

If anything, the last two years have taught us to appreciate the value that online spaces like Zoom can offer us. While we were...

Explore an Ancient Roman City in 215 with the New App...

Bernie Frischer, a renowned digital archaeologist, and founder of Flyover Zone, along with the German Archeological Institute, one of oldest archaeological research institutions in...

Why Brands Should Embrace AR Marketing

After the past 18 months, augmented reality is quickly graduating from novelty experience to mainstream expectation. Immersive shopping experiences that were once groundbreaking—such as...


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