Akilesh Bapu

Headshot of Co-Founder & CEO Akilesh Bapu

Akilesh Bapu

Co-Founder & CEO
HealthTech, Artificial Intelligence
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Akilesh Bapu is the Co-Founder & CEO for DeepScribe.

Akilesh Bapu worked as a researcher in deep learning, and applications to natural language processing at the UC Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory, supervised by Bin Yu and Jamie Murdoch. In the course of working on his project, the Automatic Gene Ontology Annotation for PubMed articles, the BAIR team reached a fundamental technology breakthrough in 2017. Where AI could previously achieve scores of 3% on medical summarization tasks, Akilesh and his research team developed a proprietary breakthrough that allowed them to achieve scores of over 54%, solving an unsolvable problem. Together with his co-founders, Matthew Ko and Kairui Zheng, Akilesh applied these technical break-throughs to DeepScribe, founded in summer 2017.

Since launching DeepScribe, the three co-founders earned recognition from the Reimagining Care Delivery Developer Challenge sponsored by Allscripts and Microsoft in January 2021, and the Charm Health EHR Innovation Challenge in April 2021. DeepScribe is in use at major health systems such as Springfield Clinic, IL, Stanford Healthcare, and others. In just the past year, 400 providers have adopted DeepScribe’s technology, generating some 500,000 notes.

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