Ahmer Inam

Headshot of Ahmer Inam

Ahmer Inam

Chief AI Officer
Artificial Intelligence, Analytics
Portland, OR, USA

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Ahmer Inam is Chief Data & Artificial Intelligence Officer of Relanto.

Ahmer Inam is an experienced Data and Analytics executive with 20+ years of experience in leading organizational transformation using data, technology, information systems, analytics, and data products. Ahmer is experienced in:

  • Business Process Evaluation, Design, and Transformation
  • Sales Planning (Forecasting, Incentive Compensation Management, Territory Management & Quota Planning)
  • Supply Chain Planning (Demand & Supply Forecasting, AI-enabled Scenario-based Planning, Supplier Collaboration, Integrated Business Planning)
  • FP&A Planning (Revenue & Opex Planning, Long Range Planning, Capex Planning & Optimization, Income Statement Forecasting)
  • Healthcare Planning (Financial Optimization, Patient Centricity, Value-Based Care, Risk Management, Workforce Management)
  • Data Modernization (ERP, Intelligent Supply Chain, Complex Events)
  • Process Mining and Automation (RPA & HIA)
  • AI/ML-based Business Planning (Forecasting, Simulation, Optimization) Solutions

Ahmer Inam assists Relanto, who transforms enterprises with AI-enabled Integrated Planning, Forecasting and Digital Innovation. They begin with the end in mind, enabling their customers realize their strategic vision through augmented intelligence, next generation architecture, advanced analytics, and hyper-automation. Their trusted team of advisors, architects and consultants combine deep industry knowledge and functional expertise in evolving xP&A solutions for enhanced performance transparency & business alignment.

Relanto is a global consulting and professional services firm enabling customers with AI-driven enterprise planning & decision-making solutions, and digital innovation. Relanto collaborates with customers across industries to realize their strategic transformation goals through real-time planning, augmented intelligence, next-generation architecture, advanced analytics, hyper-automation, and cloud-based technologies.

Prior to Relanto, Ahmer Inam was the Chief AI Officer for Centific, a leading global digital and technology services company.

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