Richard Lackey

Headshot of Chairman and CEO Richard Lackey

Richard Lackey

Chairman & CEO
Supply Chain, Entrepreneur
Denver, CO, USA

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Richard Lackey is the Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman of the World Food Bank.

A serial entrepreneur, Lackey’s unique background includes several years in emergency medical response and medical missions and almost three decades as an active trader and fund manager. He held eight different securities licenses spanning equity, options, and futures markets and served as the Managing Director for five private funds.

Lackey regularly consults for startup companies needing innovative solutions, marketing direction, or board leadership and has appeared as an expert in the field in magazines, radio, and television. Lackey has also authored three books on technical analysis and investment management and is a co-developer of the market prediction software, FLOW.

Richard is leading the 100 million challenge: 10 years to move 100 million people out of poverty. Through the World Food Bank, he is integrating key sectors within regional agriculture systems and creating a balanced and mutually-beneficial ecosystem that lifts smallholder farmers out of poverty and allows for the efficient distribution of food to those who need it. He is confident that the World Food Bank is a solution for the inefficiencies that exist between small farmers and regional and global markets to establish the world’s most valuable commodities as the world’s newest and potentially safest asset class.

Lackey lives in Denver, Colorado, where he enjoys hiking, biking Colorado’s outdoors in his free time.


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