Common Problems with Your Mobile Phone

girl trying to fix common problems with mobile phone

Smartphones are beneficial, but they have their fair share of problems that create user frustration; some of these issues, such as dropped calls, affect us more than others since we rely on our phones to communicate with the world. The most common problems with your mobile phone include low battery life, slow speeds, and more!

Low Battery

Constantly having a low battery is annoying, especially when it prevents you from using your phone because it continues dying in the middle of usage. There are many reasons why your phone battery won’t hold up, ranging from apps to setting options to frequent use—a high screen brightness will drain your phone. This is one of the more common problems with your mobile phone.

The Ideal Solution

You can save your battery life and prolong usage in your phone by first going into your settings and turning on your battery saver; this extends battery life and typically dims brightness. If you’re looking for a long-term fix, consider keeping your brightness lower, or go into your battery settings to see what apps are draining your battery.

Dropped Calls

If you have difficulty making calls due to poor reception, there are various factors to blame; while your problem could be a damaged phone, it’s just as possible it’s your location. Your phone works by communicating with the nearest cellular tower, and problems arise when this cannot happen. Just another common problem with your mobile phone.

The Ideal Solution

The first solution to try out if you’re dropping calls is to evaluate your phone for any signs of breakage—did you drop it recently? If your phone has no signs of breakage, the problem may be your location, and you can easily fix this by purchasing a cellphone booster. Before installing your booster, check your phone’s signal strength so that you can place the booster in the ideal location.

Slow Speeds

Does your phone take forever to load, or worse, does it freeze constantly? If this is the case, it could be due to insufficient storage space. While an app could cause this, your phone may need to reboot or update since software bugs sometimes cause this problem—make sure to check for updates or restart your phone.

The Ideal Solution

Solve this problem by first clearing your cache in certain apps, especially your internet browser, and close out of apps you’re not currently using. If this doesn’t work, consider deleting apps you don’t use, putting your photos on a microSD card, or uploading them to the cloud before removing them from your device.


Another common problem with your mobile phoneis overheating. If your phone is hot to the touch after extended use, there’s a chance it’s overheating. Sometimes, this occurs because of excess use or high-performance apps; nevertheless, if you don’t take care of this issue, your battery or screen could suffer damage.

The Ideal Solution

There are various ways to prevent your cell phone from overheating, and it’s important you give it a break to cool down. Additionally, it’s recommended you avoid using your phone when it’s charging or have updates going on in the background, as this forces your phone to work harder than necessary.

These are just a few of the many ways you can fix common problems with your mobile phone.


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