Matthew Marx

Headshot of CEO Matthew Marx

Matthew Marx

Co-Founder & CEO
Technology, Digital Marketing
Austin, TX, USA

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Matthew Marx is CEO and co-founder of Evocalize, developers of the Evocalize Collaborative Marketing Platform. Evocalize technology connects businesses to execute marketing programs together that are not possible on their own. Matt has spent over 20 years at the intersection of marketing and technology and has a particular passion for using technology to make great marketing simple.

Prior to founding Evocalize, Matt served on the senior leadership team for Austin-based marketing technology company Bazaarvoice, with London-based strategy consultancy PA Consulting Group, and with Oracle Retail’s software group. Matt has helped set advertising standards with the Interactive Advertising Bureau in New York, and has a MBA from Babson College in Wellesley, MA.

About Evocalize

Evocalize is a Collaborative Marketing Platform (CMP) provider with offices in Seattle, WA and Austin, TX. Its CMP is used by multi-location brands, marketplaces, and CRMs to simplify digital marketing execution with partners in a safe and secure environment, at scale. Evocalize’s Distributed Marketing and Offsite Ads solutions help businesses in the real estate, financial services, insurance, retail and other industries to achieve common digital marketing goals with distributed partners. For more information, visit and follow them on LinkedIn.


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