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Common Problems with Your Mobile Phone

Smartphones are beneficial, but they have their fair share of problems that create user frustration; some of these issues, such as dropped calls, affect...

How to Tell if Your Phone Has 5G Capability

Have you been trying to get 5G on your phone? You’ve been hearing all about 5G, the latest mobile network technology, but if you...

Three Emerging Technologies to Expand How Consumers Use Smartphones

Smartphone innovation over the past decade has been incredible. Many consumers now rely on their smartphone as their primary camera, taking advantage of the...

Roger Sands

Roger Sands Co-Founder and CEO Technology, AI-automation Boston, MA, USA Listen to Roger's Podcast! Roger Sands is a Co-Founder and CEO of Wyebot, Inc. Roger has 17 years of...

Is MMW faster than Wi-Fi 5?

One of the main things that we are all dealing with at this time is the need to have faster and faster internet. While...
smiling girl holding and reading her ipad outside at a table

2021 Predictions: A Growing Need for Connected Wireless Technologies

In 2020, the COVID-19 global pandemic necessitated digital transformation across industries. Businesses started to think about new ways of doing things to help streamline...


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