Technological Advancements in Security for Businesses

black, new spherical robotic camera

A quality comprehensive security system is essential in order to prevent unauthorized access, theft, and safety risks in your building. As technology advances, so too does the need for more advanced security measures to ward against hackers with nefarious intent. Staying up-to-date on evolving technological advancements and implementing them into your security system can help ensure that your business is as secure as possible. Here are some of the top technological advancements in security for businesses to consider implementing.

Unmanned Robot Security Guards

Futuristic robot security guards are no longer just an aspect of science fiction movies—they are being implemented in real life. Unmanned robot security guards are equipped with sensors which enable them to gather substantial amounts of data such as facial scans and provide low-level surveillance. These guards can act as a replacement or supplement for human security guards and are becoming increasingly used in some cases, especially in areas such as offices or manufacturing plants. This is just an example of technological advancements in security for business.

Portable High-Tech Video Surveillance Cameras

Gone are the days when high-tech video surveillance cameras required challenging and time-consuming installation. Today, large high-definition video cameras can be installed almost instantly by simply placing them in the desired location.

Such cameras can often be equipped with high-tech security features such as license plate readers, infrared capabilities, wireless video transmission, and two-way audio. These portable surveillance devices are ideal for applications that require constantly moving surveillance such as police municipalities with rotating enforcement areas.

Technological Advancements in Security

More impactful technological advancements in security for businesses is smart access control. While access control systems in the past have largely consisted of basic ID card readers and keypads, innovations in technology have taken access control security measures to the next level.

Unlike simplistic legacy control systems, smart access control systems implement high-tech features such as integrated RF sensors, biometric readers, and 4K Ultra HD sensing cameras. Such capabilities help provide optimal protection against unauthorized visitors and can communicate breaches in security more quickly and effectively in emergency situations.


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