Yvonne Dam

Headshot of Yvonne Dam

Yvonne Dam

Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur, Tech, Coaching
The Randstad, The Netherlands

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Yvonne Dam is the CEO of Amaze Yourself, and is an online business coach that helps driven business owners to double their turnover and not their hours.

She has over 25 years of experience in the corporate world, within Finance, HR, sales and change- plus performance management. The golden thread in her career is and has always been coaching. From executives to teams to now ambitious business owners, Yvonne has the coaching experience.

Being a recovering workaholic herself she is all too familiar with the downside of being a driven business owner. Everything and everyone had to move in the past for work. Not anymore. She now has optimized her business model, allowing her to talk long beach walks and pick up her daughter from school 3 days a week. Through implementing the tools she has however a financially booming business. These tools and techniques are the heart of her coaching program Be the CEO of your Life.

How to get more done in less time in five easy steps. Download it here: Amaze Yourself!


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