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Jason Fletcher

Jason Fletcher Founder and CEO Software Development, Technology Salt Lake City, UT, USA Listen to Jason's Podcast! Jason Fletcher, Founder and CEO of Dev Pipeline, delivers over 30 years...

Alex Circei

Alex Circei Co-Founder and CEO Software, Analytics San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Alex's Podcast! Alex Circei is the CEO & Co-founder of Waydev, which develops a Git analytics...

Yvonne Dam

Yvonne Dam Founder & CEO Entrepreneur, Tech, Coaching The Randstad, The Netherlands Listen to Yvonne's Podcast! Yvonne Dam is the CEO of Amaze Yourself, and is an online business...

Furqan Aziz

Furqan Aziz Chief Executive Officer Technology, Software Toronto, ON, Canada Listen to Furqan's Podcast! Furqan Aziz is InvoZone's Chief Executive Officer and Founder. InvoZone is an outsourcing software development...

Jameson Emling

Jameson Emling Entrepreneur FinTech Kansas City, KS, USA Listen to Jameson's Podcast! Jameson Emling is an accomplished sales leader and entrepreneur, with experience in a multitude of verticals in...

Rich Theil

Rich Theil Chief Executive Officer Technology, Consulting Cincinnati, OH, USA Listen to Rich's Podcast! Rich helps businesses increase revenue by connecting leadership's goals to the day-to-day work of technology...


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Kamyar Shah

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