Wayne Steidle

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Wayne Steidle

Co-Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Orlando, FL, USA

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Wayne Steidle is the Co-Founder and CEO of Scanit. Wayne began his successful entrepreneurial career over 30 years ago. His business ventures include real estate investing and development, health clubs and nutrition centers, franchising, licensing, hedge funds, as well as other business ventures.

In addition to his position at PNS Communications, LLC Mr. Steidle is a partner and director of real estate development at Riverwalk Park, LLC, a real estate development and management company. In this position, Mr. Steidle has successfully negotiated more than $65 million in land sales for Riverwalk Park, LLC. Mr. Steidle is currently managing the development of a $100 million mixed use shopping center, together with several hotels on one of Riverwalks properties.

Mr. Steidle has also long been interested in computer science. In 2012, he started experimenting with various methods of embedding readable code into video feeds and on LCD displays.

When he reached the limit of his skill set he recruited Dr. Yixin Chen PhD, one of the foremost experts in the world in the area of “Computer Vision” and “Pattern Recognition.” He then recruited Mark Lass, a business partner and expert in the Broadcasting Industry. In 2014, Mr. Steidle, Mr. Lass, and Dr. Chen, founded PNS Communications, LLC. Mr. Steidle currently holds two Patents in the US, and one Patent in Japan.

Mr. Steidle resides in Lake Mary, Florida. Outside of his professional activities, he enjoys stock trading, computer science, sports, working out, jogging, Formula One racing, boating, and travel.


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