Jin Kim

Headshot of Chief Marketing Officer Jin Kim

Jin Kim

Co-Founder & CMO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Jin Kim, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder of Prone Cushion.

Jin Kim is the dynamic Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Prone Cushion, a brand at the forefront of ergonomic solutions. With a Bachelor of Science in Communications & Media from New York University and over 13 years of life experience in China, Jin’s international background and bilingual abilities are central to his role.

At the heart of Jin’s contribution to Prone Cushion is his exceptional talent in articulating the company’s vision. His hands-on approach in every facet of the business, from product design to the intricacies of the website, showcases his commitment to the brand’s ethos. Every visual element of Prone Cushion has been meticulously crafted by Jin, reflecting his pivotal role in shaping the company’s identity and message.

Jin’s profound understanding of diverse market dynamics enables him to effectively position Prone Cushion in the global marketplace. His strategies go beyond traditional marketing, focusing on creating a universal solution that resonates across different cultures. This approach has been instrumental in successfully introducing the Prone Cushion to a wide audience, garnering recognition and loyalty.

Under Jin’s visionary leadership, the company has seen remarkable growth; expanding to over 6 countries around the globe. His keen eye for design and a profound love for attention to detail are a cornerstone of Prone Cushion’s success.

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