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Vince Lusardi

Vince Lusardi Chief Experience OfficerTechnology, EntrepreneurDenver, CO, USA Listen to Vince's Podcast! Vince Lusardi is the Chief Experience Officer at Everest, who focuses on crafting experiences so...

Inflation is Affecting Small Businesses, We Must Support Them Now

The economy has taken the world on a wild ride these last few years, and America in particular. However, one thing remains the same...

World Without Physical IDs: Enabling Frictionless Customer Experiences

Companies using biometric authentication have redefined expectations for digital customer experiences by delivering frictionless, contactless and highly secure transactions between people, data and systems. Time...

Create a Great Customer Experience by Improved Employee Experience

Most business leaders agree that the key to success in the modern economy is to deliver a great customer experience. Consumers have more choices...

Customer Success vs Customer Service: Why SaaS Businesses Need Both?

As the SaaS market is becoming more and more competitive, with 99% of organizations using one or more SaaS solutions, it’s important to make...

How to Fix an Outdated Loyalty Program

Consumers expect offers that appeal to their individual likes and preferences. How to fix an outdated loyalty program with these five steps to fix...


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