Stiepan A. Kovac

Headshot of Founder and CEO Stiepan A. Kovac

Stiepan A. Kovac

Founder & CEO
Quantum, Cryptography, Cybersecurity
Fribourg/Bern, Switzerland

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Stiepan A. Kovac, MSc ICT Security, is the group CEO of ITK.Swiss, a cryptography-focused group offering unique, symmetric post-quantum crypto, for encrypted and integrity-protected IPTV, 5G, safe electronic payments & beyond. Aside from his main professional activities, Mr. Kovac is an invited lecturer in the University of Geneva for quantum informatics and post-quantum cryptography.

CEO, (SA), Manager, QRC AAA LLC,
Expert – Global Cybersecurity Index expert on behalf of ISO/IEC SC27 Cybersecurity, information security and privacy protection
Standardization expert:
Editor, ITU-T X.1197 Guidelines on criteria for selecting crypto algorithms for IPTV
Editor, ISO/IEC 9797-1 IT – Security techniques – Message Authentication
Initiator of the project


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