Stiepan A. Kovac

Headshot of Founder and CEO Stiepan A. Kovac

Stiepan Kovac

Founder & CEO
Quantum, Cryptography, Cybersecurity
Fribourg/Bern, Switzerland

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Stiepan Kovac, MSc ICT Security, is the group CEO of ITK.Swiss, a cryptography-focused group offering unique, symmetric post-quantum crypto, for encrypted and integrity-protected IPTV, 5G, safe electronic payments & beyond.

Aside from his main professional activities, Stiepan Kovac is an invited lecturer in the University of Geneva for quantum informatics and post-quantum cryptography.


CEO, (SA), Manager, QRC AAA LLC,
Expert – Global Cybersecurity Index expert on behalf of ISO/IEC SC27 Cybersecurity, information security and privacy protection
Standardization expert:
Editor, ITU-T X.1197 Guidelines on criteria for selecting crypto algorithms for IPTV
Editor, ISO/IEC 9797-1 IT – Security techniques – Message Authentication
Initiator of the project

Security Threat

Quantum computers pose a significant threat to modern cryptography, the cornerstone of digital security. The two most widely adopted public-key- cryptography systems, RSA & ECC, are trivially breakable by sufficiently large general-purpose quantum computers using Shor’s algorithm [Sho97] . With Grover’s, algorithm, symmetric cipher security (such as AES) is halved [NIST IR 8105]. AES alone was considered to have a $250’000’000’000 benefit to society in ‘18. By 2023, this could exponentiate to Trillions if the transition to quantum resistant solutions is handled properly, or vanish in the contrary case, effectively sending our society back to the XIX. century.

Stiepan Kovac

Stiepan Kovac and his company has ready-made solutions to combat current and quantum computing. These forward thinking solutions are energy-efficient, quantum-safe, 5G+ compatible and enable future-proof communications and public infrastructure, as well as (mobile) financial transactions & private data protection.


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