Srinivas Atreya

Headshot of Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist Srinivas Atreya

Srinivas Atreya

Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist
Technology Entrepreneur
Telangana, India

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Srinivas Atreya is the Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist at RoundSqr. Srinivas or “Srini” is the quintessential data geek, with an innate ability to solve business problems using insights from data. He has over 23 years as an Analytics / Information Management practitioner across the US, UK and India, in the diverse roles of an Engineer, Architect, Data Analyst & Data Scientist.

Technology Consulting, specifically in the areas of Data and Artificial Intelligence, including current state assessment, industry benchmarking and roadmap definition, is something Srini excels at.

Srini has held P&L responsibility for the Data Science practice for a Fortune500 company. During his Corporate life, he helped establish Centers of Excellence for AI / ML for many clients.

Amongst us, Srini is the start-up expert. He has built multiple products within these start-ups, successfully generating funding and revenues.

He has hands-on technology skills in Convolutional Neural Networks (including R-CNN and Mask-R-CNNs), using Deep Learning frameworks (TensorFlow, Torch…), LSTM for temporal classification, RASA NLU and RASA Core with Spacy for NLU and NLP, OpenCV with Python and C++



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