Sam Melnick

Headshot of Vice President Customer Success Sam Melnick

Sam Melnick

Vice President Customer Success
Marketing, Technology
Boston, MA, USA

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As Vice President of Customer Success and Insight for Allocadia, Sam Melnick is dedicated to providing value to Allocadia’s customers through every interaction they have with the company. He is a huge proponent of finding the touchpoints that energize both himself, his colleagues and their customers.

Throughout his career Sam has led marketing and customer success teams at growing SaaS organizations. He and his team are focused on customers, community, education, and insights – with the goal of helping marketers run their teams like a business.

He brings over a decade of marketing and MarTech expertise as an award-winning analyst at IDC’s CMO Advisory Practice, and customer success leader at Lattice Engines. He is a frequent speaker at marketing industry events and author of original marketing research and thought leadership. His joys outside of learning from, and collaborating with, marketers and BBQ, craft beer, and his 3 year old son.


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