Rob Belcore

Headshot of Co-Founder and CCO Rob Belcore

Rob Belcore

Co-Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Chicago, IL, USA

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Rob Belcore specializes in the marketing effectiveness of brands, stores, and products in conjunction with technology. As co-founder and CCO at RSA, Rob is considered one of the company’s “secret weapons.” For eight years, RSA has been fueled by Rob’s vision of a platform that synthesizes hyper-targeted marketing, revenue enhancement, predicative analytics, and mobile technologies. He has a remarkable approach to monetizing social media and customer loyalty that has resulted in RSA being very successful on behalf of its independent grocery clients.

Rob attended the Wharton School and while he was attending formed his own digital consulting firm, Little Guys Consulting, LLC. Rob was also the head of the Wharton Field Challenge, a four-year starter on the Penn basketball team, and an all-Ivy selection. He graduated Wharton with a BS in economics, a minor in strategy, and a concentration in Sales Force Management.


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