Rado Kotorov

Headshot of CEO Rado Kotorov

Rado Kotorov

Chief Executive Officer
Technology, Entrepreneur
Somerset, NJ, USA

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Rado Korotov is the Chief Executive Officer of Trendalyze, and has 20+ years of experience in the data management, business intelligence, and analytics software industry.

He got attracted to the field during his Ph.D. studies in Decision and Game Theory at the Department of Applied Philosophy at Bowling Green State University, where he also researched formal logic, AI ethics, and economics.

After graduating in 2000, he joined a rapidly growing startup Cafemom.com that pioneered web portals and loyalty programs where Rado built the first big data analytics system that automatically scanned billions of transactions and delivered real-time, personalized campaigns to millions of users.

In 2006, Rado joined Information Builders Inc. and collaborated closely with founder and CEO Gerry Cohen on numerous products and patented technologies. They introduced the first web-based self-service analysis tools that significantly increased BI user adoption; co-invented the first mobile interactive dashboards, developed the first BI search product in collaboration with Google, and the first autoML workbench for end-users in collaboration with R-project.

He has written: “Organizational Intelligence: How Smart Companies Use Information to Become More Competitive and Profitable” (in collaboration with Gerry Cohen), “Data-Driven Business Models for the Digital Economy,” and “97 Things about Ethics Everyone in Data Science Should Know” (a collection of essays from industry experts).

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