Nitzan Shaer

Headshot of co-founder and CEO Nitzan Shaer

Nitzan Shaer

Co-Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Boston, MA, USA

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Nitzan Shaer is the co-founder and the CEO of WEVO.

Nitzan Shaer is an accomplished entrepreneur and the CEO of WEVO, a pioneering user research platform that leverages human-augmented AI to deliver reliable insights in a fraction of the time traditional tools require. As the fourth startup that Shaer has been a part of, either as a co-founder or as an early team member, WEVO represents his continuous fascination with what drives people to make decisions.

Before embarking on his journey with WEVO, Shaer served at Skype, where he gained experience working with a diverse range of customers from around 150 countries. This experience highlighted the challenges of understanding user experiences across different cultures and markets, ultimately inspiring him to build a platform that would provide user experience professionals with actionable insights into customer preferences.

At WEVO, Nitzan Shaer and his team have developed a platform that cuts the time required for user experience research from approximately 50 hours to about 30 minutes, providing statistically significant insights that users can rely on. His vision for WEVO is to create a world where all customer experiences are based on reliable human insights, effectively making the process of understanding and improving user experiences as seamless as using a spell check.

Nitzan Shaer attributes much of his success to the value he places on team building, communication, and learning. He believes in hiring the best people even during fast-scaling periods. He advocates for finding the right balance between growth and profitability.

As a leader, Shaer is inspired by the resilience and determination of historical figures like Winston Churchill. He identifies himself as a learner, someone who continually takes in new information and uses it to grow and adapt.

Shaer’s advice to fellow entrepreneurs is to dream big, listen more, and move fast. He believes that the most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship is the opportunity to make a significant impact on the world.

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