Marc Seal

Headshot of Founder and CEO Marc Seal

Marc Seal

Co-Founder & CEO
Technology, Gaming, Entrepreneur
Miami, FL, USA

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Marc Seal is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sortium, and is obsessed with generating digital experiences that feel organic, unique, and completely real.

Marc Seal is an entrepreneur by trade and a gamer by hobby. He Built his first studio at the age of 18, based on an idea called Cosmogene – which would, almost a decade later, become Sortium’s flagship game. Marc’s hunger to merge technology and entertainment evolved into working at the Topps Company, where he oversaw digital IP management for Star Wars.

Marc also pioneered NFT collectibles and negotiated exclusive first global NFT licensing deals for the likes of Walt Disney Company, LucasFilms, and Stranger Things. Sortium emerged as a way to tap into web3’s limitless potential for gaming, experiences, and technology – and make it easy for everyone to create them, too.

Marc is a successful entrepreneur and seasoned technologist focused in applying AI and web3 technologies to the Digital Sports & Entertainment spaces.

He has led innovative teams to build world class products with partners such as Disney, Marvel, Fox, Lucasfilm, Toho, MLB, & more.

Areas of thought leadership:

  • Game development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Gamefi
  • Simulations and VR

Marc can also be found on Coruzant’s Features page.


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