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Ilija Ugrinic

Ilija Ugrinic Commercial Director Technology, Software Leeds, United Kingdom Listen to Ilija's Podcast! Ilija has been assisting leading organisations within the area of Spend Management for the past 17...

Do You Have Normalized Margin and Revenue Loss in Your Business?

In my role, I commonly hear the anecdotal evidence that significant margin and revenue loss is occurring under the surface of an...

Dan McManus

Dan McManus Chief Executive Officer Software, ERP, Cloud, CRM Vancouver, WA, USA Listen to Dan's Podcast! Dan McManus is Evosus Chief Executive Officer. His experience and passion can be...

Kishore Patel

Kishore Patel President and Founder Technology, Geospatial, Software Columbus, OH, USA Listen to Kishore's Podcast! Kishore Patel is CyberSWIFT's President and Founder, an information technology company that focuses on...

Tim Wikstrom

Tim Wikstrom President & Co-FounderTechnology, CommunicationKansas City, KS, USA Listen to Tim's Podcast! Tim Wikstrom is the President and Co-Founder of Presentr, a technology company dedicated to...

Myke Lyons

Myke Lyons Chief Information Security Officer Technology, Software, Cybersecurity New York, NY, USA Listen to Myke's Podcast! Myke Lyons is the Chief Information Security Officer at Collibra. He is...


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