Kevin Keenahan

Headshot of Co-Founder and CEO of Tissue Analytics

Kevin Keenahan

Co-Founder & CEO
Health Tech, Entrepreneur
Baltimore, MD, USA

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Kevin Keenahan is the SVP, Business Development, Net Health, and previously co-founder and CEO of Tissue Analytics, Inc., acquired by Net Health in 2020. After completing his BS in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, Kevin joined the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design at Johns Hopkins University for his MSE in Bioengineering Innovation and Design.

He went on to cofound Tissue Analytics, Inc. in 2014 and has been recognized as a speaker at several leading industry conferences, including the GSV Pioneer Summit, CES, and the Conference of the European Wound Management Association. Tissue Analytics is a best-in-class wound imaging and documentation solution that uses computer vision to automatically measure and document wound healing.


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