Yair Ramot

Headshot of CEO Yair Ramot

Yair Ramot

HealthTech, Entrepreneur
Tel Aviv, Israel

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Yair Ramot is the CEO of Dimoveo Medical, a MEDX Xelerator portfolio company.

Yair Ramot is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a diverse background in biomedical engineering and business management. At 66 years old, he has successfully balanced a thriving career with family life, being happily married with four children three of which are adopted. 

Yair Ramot is a mechanical engineer in his background profession and has a MSc degree in Biomedical engineering from the Technion in Israel. He has been working for the last 35 years in the medical devices industry. His journey in the field has taken him through various roles, both technical and in management in CEO positions, leading startups to M&A and asset deals.

Yair Ramot embarked on his career in technical positions, where he honed his expertise in the intricacies of medical devices. His dedication and vision led him into leading roles as CEO of startup companies, where he demonstrated a knack for merging technical prowess with strategic acumen. Subsequently leading these startups to strategic deals, leveraging his comprehensive knowledge to drive impactful change and growth. 

One of the most notable chapters in Yair’s career was establishing his own company, Ramot Biomedical Eng. In a bold move, setting up a manufacturing facility in Bulgaria and a distribution in the USA. Yair undertook the monumental task of establishing a company from the ground up, expertly navigating the complexities of establishing a business entity outside of Israel tackling the challenges ahead. He successfully led the company to an asset deal. Yair’s remarkable journey in the medical devices industry, coupled with his experience as CEO leading companies to strategic deals, showcases his unparalleled drive, leadership, and innovation. His commitment to improving healthcare and willingness to embrace new horizons are truly commendable, making him an inspiring figure in both the medical and business worlds.

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