Irit Levi

Headshot of Founder Irit Levi

Irit Levi

Founder & Chief Strategist
Technology, Entrepreneur
Jerusalem, Israel

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Irit Levi is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Day by Day.

Irit Levi helps coaches, creatives, and consultants scale their businesses with process, strategy, software, and automation She has provided 13,697+ software recommendations over the years. But at her core, she’s about SCALABILITY, not software. Her approach is different because she believes technology is just a tool. It’s only as valuable as it is helpful.

Irit Levi is a Long-Time Automator – 15 + years and going strong
Compulsive Tool-Tester – 978+ tools tested (and counting!)
Serial Speaker & Trainer – When she’s not tinkering with tools, she’s talking about them.
Generous Whizdom Dispenser – 1,426+ articles, posts & videos.
Playful Podcaster – she’s the co-host of Off Tangent, a playful podcast about business, process, and growing pains.
Masterful Course Creator – she’s created courses in-house as an instructional designer, helped entrepreneurs launch their own courses, and developed her own Sales Pipeline Automation Accelerator.

What it looks like to work with Irit:

Strategize – You get everything out of your head and plan ways to automate it.
Set up – She sets up the software and automation for you and send detailed how-to-use videos.
Streamline – You try out all your shiny new tech and we tweak things where needed.

Irit Levi is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read her podcast interview transcript.


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