Daniel Dura

Headshot of Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Dura

Daniel Dura

Co-Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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Daniel Dura is the Co-founder and CEO of Graphium Health and FieldMed.

Graphium Health creates innovative, mobile-based software for anesthesia that supports all back-office functions so healthcare providers to focus more on their patients and less on managing their business. FieldMed, which officially launched in October 2019, is the first-ever dedicated cloud-based community health software platform designed to foster the success of emerging community health programs nationwide. Within these two roles, Daniel works to create and build software that makes an impact for not only the medical professionals who use it, but also for the patients who benefit from it.

Previously, Daniel founded and served as the general manager at Dedo Interactive Inc., where he worked with Fortune 500 companies and was instrumental in supporting the company’s growth. Prior to his work with Dedo Interactive, Daniel also worked for Adobe as a software engineer focused on Adobe AIR, Flex and Flash platforms. Following his work on these teams, Daniel transitioned to a product manager role on the AIR team for platform design.

Throughout his career, Daniel has striven to make a difference through the software he creates. In his most recent role for FieldMed, Daniel has been able to create a platform that revolutionizes community healthcare through patient-first software that provides improved tracking and reporting of patient data. With this software, community health professionals can go beyond regular patient data to track in-depth information and trends to deliver better, more cost-effective patient care.


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