Connor Borrego

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Connor Borrego

Founder & CPO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Kansas City, MO, USA

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Connor Borrego is the Founder and CEO of Emergent Digital, a technology and growth support agency that helps businesses harness the full power of their digital assets to support the growth of their brand and business.

With formal educational training in Financial Management, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Science, Political Science, Communications, and Entrepreneurship, via a Masters degree from Syracuse University, and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, the educational foundation for Connor’s decade of experience operating and growing software businesses is deep.

Connor’s career began as an early team member of the Ann Arbor based advertising technology company, AdAdapted, to leverage their patented advertising solution for growing demand for grocery retailers, and consumer packaged goods brands. He was a top performing sales team member before being plucked by the CEO to work on special analytics and product development based projects. Connor moved on to Google to assume a role as a technical consultant for high valued technology startups looking to invest their funds in growing their business through Google’s advertising platform; he was a top performing consultant and the resident expert in leveraging AI & Machine Learning strategies for automated growth.

Splitting time between Ann Arbor, MI and Kansas City, MO, Connor sees himself as a Midwest based technology entrepreneur fighting to use web3 technologies to give better options to small businesses, freelancers, and content creators to remain competitive with the large technology companies cannibalizing their industries and margins.


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