Chris Bee

Headshot of CTO Chris Bee

Chris Bee

Chief Technology Officer
Technology, Real Estate
Seattle, WA, USA

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Chris Bee is the Chief Technology Officer for Lessen.

Chris Bee joined Lessen as CTO after leadership roles at Zillow and Uber. At Zillow, Bee led product and engineering teams focused on core real estate shopping experiences and search. He also led engineering teams for Uber for Business, launching new products including Uber Central and Uber Vouchers alongside Uber’s core B2B platform. In addition, Bee led digital music platforms for mobile and web at Amazon.

“Lessen is uniquely positioned to leverage deep operational knowledge to build technology solutions that will fundamentally change the way property services are performed at scale,” Bee said. “We are providing efficiencies that have never been seen in the property services space by connecting property owners, service professionals, suppliers, and project managers to a single marketplace platform. Our data also is allowing us to automate many of the painful parts of property service work and create a more optimized and lucrative world for service professionals and property owners.”


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