Benjamin Gillman

Headshot of CEO Benjamin Gillman

Benjamin Gillman

Co-Founder & CEO
Technology, AI
Tel Aviv, Israel

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Benjamin Gillman is the CEO of myInterview, and is an entrepreneur and technology expert with experience in building strong, cohesive teams.

As myInterview’s co-founder, Benjamin is instrumental in setting the strategic direction for the company and managing its success.

Benjamin Gillman has been immersed in all things HR-Tech for the last 10 years, building myInterview to place where they today serve 10k companies and process seven million interviews a year.

Benjamin’s number one goal is to bring employers as much information as possible about the candidates they evaluate at the top of the recruitment process with as little investment possible from the side of the candidate. This creates the most fair, diverse and efficient hiring funnel.

Benjamin Gillman holds a BBA from Macquarie University and a major in Property Development from the International College of Management in Sydney.

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A video is worth a thousand CVs. Get to know your candidate with more than words. The way they hire talent is fundamentally shifting, and myInterview rethinks the archaic recruitment process to make it more efficient, reduce time to hire and help you choose the right candidates.

myInterview uses video to encourage candidates to express their true personality, experience and qualifications and lets hiring managers identify the best hire while enjoying every minute. Sharing your impressions and getting feedback from colleagues is as easy as pressing play.

myInterview integrates effortlessly into your existing workflows and traditional systems (ATS). Over 2,000,000 candidates have already created videos with myInterview for companies like Ocado, Facebook, Six Flags and Chick-fil-A. Building the right team is crucial to building a successful business.


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