Davin Wedel

Headshot of Founder Davin Wedel

Davin Wedel

Founder & CEO
Manufacturing, Tech, Entrepreneur
Boston, MA, USA

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Davin Wedel is the CEO and Founder of Global Protection Corp.

As an undergraduate at Tufts University in Boston in 1987, Davin Wedel was motivated by the exploding AIDS crisis. Davin was determined to make condom use fun and stylish – as socially acceptable as toothpaste and as second nature as wearing a seatbelt.

It all started with The Happy Jumbo, a condom matchbook featuring the Tufts mascot and the slogan “A Safe Jumbo is a Happy Jumbo.” The success of The Happy Jumbo empowered Davin to move his efforts off-campus, kickstarting a lifelong career in the condom industry.

Global Protection has remained at the forefront of condom technology, including launching the first-ever glow-in-the-dark condoms in the ’90s and the groundbreaking MyONE® Custom Fit™ line of 52 condom sizes. Most recently, the company launched the world’s first graphene condom called ONE® Flex™ under its ONE® Condoms brand. Davin believes that constantly reinventing the condom – while also bringing consumer feedback into the R&D process – is the key to increasing condom use.

Today, Global Protection is the largest distributor of condoms and lubricant to the U.S. public sector, has a robust private label arm, and its flagship ONE® brand of condoms and lubricant is sold at retail in stores across the U.S. and is rapidly growing in Asia and Europe. Global Protection has a passion for education and reducing stigma by infusing condoms into popular culture, working with artists, and collaborating with educators on safer sex campaigns.

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