Ari Zebersky

Headshot of Founder and CEO Ari Zebersky

Ari Zebersky

Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Miami, FL, USA

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Ari Zebersky is the Founder and CEO of BIP, an online licensing marketplace that connects licensees and licensors globally.

Ari Zebersky is a 20-year-old entrepreneur and while working on BIP as an NFT-IP marketplace, Zebersky discovered there was a need for a more efficient and effective way to connect licensees and licensors. He then decided to shift into licensing and created what BIP is today. BIP is designed to streamline the licensing process and make it easier for businesses of all sizes to find and secure the licensing partnerships they need to succeed.

BIP is the result of Zebersky’s hard work and dedication to the licensing industry. Zebersky’s passion for entrepreneurship and innovation began when he founded his first company, Sunshine Gameday, a non-profit organization that aims to brighten the days of disadvantaged kids by bringing them to professional sporting events, at the age of 16. As a young entrepreneur, Zebersky is constantly striving to bring fresh perspectives to the industry and to provide new solutions for businesses. His passion for creating positive change in the world through his work with BIP and his dedication to this mission is what sets him apart from other entrepreneurs in the industry.

Moving forward, Ari Zebersky hopes to continue growing and expanding BIP into a global marketplace and to transform the licensing industry by bringing innovation and fresh perspectives to an industry that has remained relatively stagnant for many years. Zebersky is incredibly proud of the impact that BIP has had on the licensing industry, so far. BIP’s goal is to create a more level playing field in the licensing industry and help businesses unlock their full potential.

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