Say Goodbye to School Threats: Embrace Face Recognition Services

woman's face being detected by Face recognition services

As the number of school shootings hit a record high in the US, the authorities struggle to discover a permanent solution. While they do this, 338,000 students are exposed to gun violence in schools. The Washington Post maintains a comprehensive database of these cases, and one of their shocking revelations is that most of these shootings were preventable. However, gun violence represents only a portion of the crimes that occur in schools. During the period of 2019-20, 1.7 million crime incidents were reported throughout the schools in the US. These crimes include cases of bullying, sexual assaults, and even physical torture. Given these alarming numbers, it’s time to embrace face recognition services or face verification services and minimize security risks. 

Understanding the Need for Face Verification Services in Schools 

Such alarming statistics, as discussed, warrant the use of extraordinary measures to safeguard the interests of students and teachers alike. However, given the rising number of enrollments in schools, it is near impossible to monitor threats accurately. Even if there are countless cameras on the school premises, the limited number of security staff cannot keep up with the footage. In such a scenario, it becomes crucial to deploy automated face verification services in schools. The manual processes of age-old only drag the efficiency and accuracy down. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt digital alternatives to ensure the safety of all stakeholders. 

Deter Unauthorized Entry into Schools 

One of the primary objectives of implementing face verification services is to deter unauthorized entry into schools. The traditional means of identification, such as using a school ID card, are becoming obsolete. Not only are they easy to forge, but any criminal can use a stolen card to gain entry. The unreliability of such a system demands the use of advanced face scanning to grant access to schools. Face recognition services can ensure there is neither trespassing nor unauthorized access to sensitive areas of the school. Similarly, the school can maintain an automated system of student attendance. Thereby decreasing the costs in other areas of school operations as well. 

Benefits of Using Face Scanning in School Safety Plans 

Apart from the obvious advantage, face verification services can help in the following ways: 

  • Maintain a Watchlist: Many schools have started using face scanning to create watchlists on potential threats. For instance, if a student or a criminal threatens any student, the school can add their biometrics to the system. Therefore, if they approach the school, an alarm will notify the concerned authorities.  
  • Reduce Reaction Time: Similarly, keeping a watchlist allows schools to implement an early warning system. Face verification services ensure that security staff reacts to the potential threat as quickly as possible.  
  • Save Resources: In the long run, a digital system will require much fewer resources to monitor the perimeter while maintaining accurate video footage.  

Key Features to Look for in School Face Recognition Services 

When selecting face verification services for a school, it is important to look for the following key points: 

  • Speed: In order, for the early warning system to function properly, face scanning should process at a quick speed. Otherwise, if the verification is slow, the criminal may get enough time to carry out illicit activities. 
  • Accuracy: However, speed alone can do nothing unless paired with high accuracy. For this purpose, face verification services should work in varying angles and lighting conditions. 
  • Ease of Use: The solution should not be so complex that it destroys the purpose of early warning and threat deterrence. 
  • Integration with Other Security Systems: If the school has existing security systems, such as motion-sensitive burglar alarms, face verification services should integrate with them to provide better functions. 
  • Scalability: Last but not least, scalability is also crucial when looking for robust face verification services. This feature ensures that the system will be optimal even if the number of tracked individuals is increased. 

Addressing Privacy Concerns 

Despite huge benefits, there are still concerns regarding face verification services in schools. For instance, one of the major concerns is that the data can be used for nefarious purposes. However, the schools can mitigate this risk by taking caution when selecting a service. For instance, it should be checked if the service is in compliance with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) face verification policies. Similarly, schools in Europe can check if the service complies with GDPR rules. Moreover, the institutions can also communicate their preferences for data collection and processing to the concerned face verification services. 

Innovations in Facial Recognition Software Companies 

Face recognition services have now become faster, more accurate, and consume fewer processing resources. The industry is still not done yet, the technology continues to improve with each passing day. In conclusion, face verification services are now crucial for the security of students, teachers, and other school staff. By using these services, schools can deter threats, get early warnings, and create a safe environment for study. 


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