How InvoZone is Helping the World

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COVID-19 pandemic provided a super opportunity for tech companies to shine. Despite the pandemic, there were still many who did a tremendous job in serving the general population. Some companies bridged communication gaps and cushioned the economy as the general public struggled to get used to social distancing norms. Families rushed for such apps and software, trying to get normalcy back in their lives.

Next, businesses reworked their policies to bounce back from the almost recession-like situation. During all this one question, most of us were asking if these tech companies will continue to serve the public interest? Especially post-pandemic.

Sure, everyone likes to make money; increasing ROI is perhaps the single most important aim for any business. However, the pandemic provided a golden opportunity to serve the public and generate ROI for many tech companies, big and small. If only they continue later as well.

Solving problems

Entrepreneurship also means solving problems that can change how we work. That is what InvoZone believes in. We are proud to say that we, at InvoZone, are one of the tech companies that have been working on this for quite some time.

Back in 2014, when we sowed its seeds, there was an idea to build in such a way that we improve society and the world we live in. You may call this level of entrepreneurship whatever, but labels do not matter here. If the focus remains on serving the people in a way that enables us to grow business as well.

As a tech futurist, it is my job to keep tabs on promising tech trends that can potentially take the world by storm. I like to believe that the most important trend here is to build for people. InvoZone effectively invests its energy and resources in niches that matter to the general public: education, healthcare, tourism, and finance. Perhaps a detailed explanation can shine light further on our activities.


Education is a basic human right. It should reach everyone regardless of distance, pandemic, or anything beyond. InvoZone contributes here by taking on unconventional software development projects which aim to provide easy solutions to distant learning. Unfortunately, it was COVID-19 that made this niche relevant for students and institutes, when we collectively realized the endless possibilities lying here.

eLearning minimizes the distance between students and their facilitator, making the process of gaining knowledge hassle-free and smooth, that’s a fact. InvoZone believes this is the future of education and we effectively pursue this belief as well.

We aim at providing individuals with the right vintage point to pursue their education and skill development. Our application development process is not just technical but tailored to meet the perfect distant learning requirements. At InvoZone we do this by ensuring a quality user experience that can not only revolutionize the way software technology integrates with the educational sector but also opens new doors of questions for students.

We make use of mobile devices that students can carry, so they can learn on-the-go. Interactive slideshows and presentations ensure that students remain active throughout the lecture, and enjoy answering quick questions midway through the learning process. Hence, students can absorb more educational content, and even get real-time feedback from trained educators.

Finally, with cloud storage as an option, students do not need to carry textbooks either. All learning equipment is integrated within applications, helping students to focus on learning.

InvoZone groups all the above in LMS (Learning Management Systems) platforms where user interface and experience are set according to schools and their students. It is made sure that the UI is supported by a compatible UX (User Experience). This helps the students in staying focused during the learning process, which results in attaining the highest possible outcome.

As you can see, it’s only an upward hike from here. We must evolve our processes, take out more needs of the general public and strive to be the torchbearers in the education-technology matrix.


This is another niche in software development that gained our interest. For InvoZone, a healthy world is a promising & better world. Here is how we are building this promising world:


We saw the need for patients and attendants to set up a doctor’s appointments quickly and easily. Patients must know of good slots to meet a doctor, hence scheduling was a huge issue to solve. Hence, we came up with Practimyze, a smart patient appointment system.

Practimyze enables all-in-one scheduling, along with optimization and automation features. It streamlines medical practices and clinic operations to add convenience for the med staff to stay on track with scheduled appointments. This minimizes waiting time and ensures patient satisfaction.


To expand the horizon of quick and easy med-care we, at InvoZone, believe in the digitization of the entire procedure. From the point where we allot a unique ID to new patients until they leave a hospital after recovery and even beyond. Of course, HIPAA complacency is a must here as data protection is such a top priority in healthcare.

Healthcare teams need strong internal/external collaboration to provide patients with the best experience. With Stitch, healthcare team members can send texts, track task accomplishments, upload files and prepare in-app notes. It lets doctors create virtual meeting rooms for discussion and it is compatible with most devices. Hence, staying in touch during work becomes a piece of cake, especially in a heated hospital environment.


People often argue that tourism is the largest industry in the world. Regardless, it is a fact that an economy cannot prosper without a healthy tourism income. InvoZone recognizes the positive impact of tourists on the economy and wants to strengthen this idea.

To put this in action, InvoZone came up with Travlytix . Here, we aim to solve perhaps the biggest challenge in tourism – Smart marketing using big data. Big Data has a crucial role in changing how global travel works, and it is so essential for companies. The valuable information that tourists provide is key to predicting the next marketing strategy. It will be personalized down to every single airline or travel company’s customer.

This is an aim towards businesses to revamp their traditional digital marketing strategies and come up with unique, innovative and efficient tactics instead. Though improving business is just one aspect of this product, the endgame is to make people see a brand new side of tourism.

InvoZone Will Continue Innovating

At InvoZone, every day brings a new challenge. I think we all should group under this idea together because that’s when the fun starts. That’s when the competition will start and innovations will come. So why wait for a pandemic to come or for it to pass? Let’s start right now.


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