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Tina Klugman

Tina Klugman Speaker, Author Journalism, Writing Kansas City, USA Coming Podcast! Tina Klugman is a freelance writer and editor. She graduated from The University of Central Missouri with a...

Angela Murphy

Angela Murphy, PhD Speaker, Author, Strategic Partner FinTech Kansas City, USA Angela's Podcast! Angela believes that strategy and insight are the keys to driving innovation. After earning her Ph.D.,...

Tanushree Ghosh

Tanushree Ghosh, PhD Executive Director Supply Chain, Tech, Diversity Phoenix, USA Coming Podcast! Tanushree Ghosh (Tanu) works in supply chain and engineering at Intel and has held several leadership...

Leah Houston

Leah Houston, MD CEO and Founder Healthcare Technology New York, USA Leah's Podcast! Leah Houston, MD is the founder of HPEC, and a board-certified Emergency Physician. While practicing emergency...

Khushi Kaur

  Khushi Kaur Partner, Author, ContributorTechnology, FinTechNew York, NY Coming Podcast! Khushpreet Kaur is a Partner with McKinsey & Company...

Linda Grasso

  Linda Grasso Chief Operating OfficerDigital Transformation ConsultingItaly Coming Podcast! Linda Grasso is Chief Operating Officer at Digital Business...

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