Miguel Johns

Headshot photo of Miguel Johns

Miguel Johns

Founder and CEO
Healthcare Startup
Wichita, KS USA

Miguel’s Podcast!

Miguel Johns is the Founder and CEO of KingFit, a preventative health company. Miguel comes from a long family history of people with diabetes. Both his father and grandmother have diabetes, which inspired him to pursue an education in Exercise Science. He has experience as a nutritionist, personal trainer, sports performance coach and sales director for health services, and has helped hundreds of individuals live healthier lifestyles.

Miguel started KingFit five years ago with the goal of helping millions of people with diabetes live healthier. Since its launch in 2015, KingFit has released two mobile applications, a content creation service, and content licensing services, all while working with other diabetes management companies. Through this process, Miguel has raised $1.2 million from investors in Wichita, Kansas. KingFit’s newest product, DiabetesCare, has gained significant traction in Latin America and is now their focus moving forward. Through years of rapid iterations, testing, failing, and learning, he has now released a product that is delivering measurable value at scale.


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