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Tawn Williams  is the Founding CEO & Holistic Experience Curator of Anaya Wellness. Anaya Wellness, under Tawn, sets out to make positive employee impact a goal in leadership.

Through a people-centric approach, Williams fosters mindful leadership and emotionally healthy workplaces. This begins with leadership coaching sessions designed to identify and emphasize the personal side of the leader and to discover how a people-centered approach can bring about the necessary cultural change.

In HR consultancy, wellness programs for teams are being created. For engaging employees at personal levels, online wellness classes by internationally vetted mindfulness instructors are available through the online employee wellness platform House of Anaya. Also, physical team building events and team retreats are being planned and executed at Anaya Wellness.

“Mindfulness and mental health are not just buzzwords for us. Our consultants, coaches and wellness instructors are dedicated to enhancing the human experience,” Williams explains and adds: “We create spiritual wellness experiences, and progressive leadership and work environments.”.

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Tawn, can you start off by telling us about yourself and why you chose the coaching profession?

Hi! I have to admit, I fell into this role somewhat naturally. I have a passion for helping people connect the dots within themselves to illuminate their paths and run fearlessly into their purpose. I love to see people thrive, and as such, I approach my role in a very personal way, tailoring just about everything I do to fit the needs of the individual. This makes the work fun, challenging, and really, really rewarding at the same time.

Tawn Williams smiling in a blue summer dressCan you tell us what drives you to be successful as a leader and entrepreneur?

Drive as an entrepreneur and leader takes a real connection to your “why.” My “why” is centered around creating an experience for our clients and our teams that leave them feeling valued, heard, and empowered to make powerful changes within themselves, their communities, and their industries. In this way, the ripple effect of positive impact gives me motivation to keep going and seeking new ways to help the process along.

Tell us about your role and your vision of Anaya Wellness for the next 5-years.

My highest desire is to be actively working with people-passionate companies. I would love to partner with impactful partners who look to boldly shift workplace norms in this new era and be the trendsetter for future workplace standards of care.

What’s the one or two accomplishments that you’re proud of?

Tawn Williams smiling in a pink spring dressIt may sound cliche but being a mother to my two girls has been an ongoing series of accomplishments. I am truly in awe with their personal paths, and it’s been really exciting to see them embrace their gifts. The other is building the wellness platform, House of Anaya. I’m really proud of this offering because it brings so many modalities of wellness and healing into one place. With sessions that include intention setting sound baths, creating self-hypnosis, the art of being present and more. I love that the space creates a way for people to try different practices to see what works for them, and I love every instructor we have on that platform. Bringing them together is an honor, and I appreciate the participant and instructor exchange so much.

What advice do you have for other up-and-coming young coaches or entrepreneurs?

Know thyself. It’s a never-ending journey to self- discovery, but the more you know about yourself and your talents, the better you can serve your communities, clients, and more. There truly is no replacement for you, so find what makes you, you- and bring that into every area of your practice. This calls in a team you LOVE to work with and creates contagious energy for growth.

Are you active on social media professionally?  If so, what platforms work best for engaging your followers?

Admittedly, I am not as active on social media as I’m supposed to be. Though, when I am, I find LinkedIn or Instagram to be the most engaging. For products, and 1:1 work I would use Instagram, for business to business, we play in the LinkedIn space.

Tawn Williams smiling in a summer dressWhat is the major difference between being a business coach and an entrepreneur?  Any comparison?

This is a great question. I think it comes down to team dynamics. Individual consulting or coaching requires a lot of presence and personal attention from the coach. You are, by nature, guiding someone on a path and that requires full attention to detail and care, so everything is coordinated and executed by you alone.  Entrepreneurs have an expanded network of care, which requires full trust in yourself AND your team, the ability to delegate tasks and let go, as well as active engagement and listening to clients and team members. It’s a wide view to the overall goal, with lots of moving parts, whereas consulting takes a detailed approach to a longer, personal goal. Both require lots of attention, depending on the size of your team, so definitely some overlap there, too.

Who was your biggest influencer?

Mother Teresa. When I was younger, I felt so connected to her vision of helping people thrive through compassion and selflessness. She was the ultimate people-first caregiver, and I still admire how selfless her work was. I am also inspired by the ancestors that came before me, and the work they did so I could be alive today. As a woman of color, I am reminded of the trials and turmoil they had to endure for the opportunities I have now, and I am so grateful.

What is the most challenging part of your work as a CEO?

I think the most challenging part has been pivoting my business model based on intuitive guidance. This feels disruptive at times, and almost radical, but I have found the results to be worth the extra time and effort.

What do you have your sights set on next?

We are currently collaborating with a yacht company out of Greece to create a one-of-a-kind and truly unique leadership summit. Designing an agenda filled with professional spiritual practice is such a thrill for me, and it’s the first major event we will have post covid!

What is a day in your life like?

I have a daily practice that includes deep meditation and spending time with sound frequencies to get my mind around the things I need to do for the day. Setting intention and calling in energy for the day. I go to the heart space to lead what I will accomplish for the day. Every day is different, with connection points with teams and clients, balanced by creative flow for workshops or development work.

Do you have any hobbies?

Truly, I was able to make a career out of my hobbies! When I’m not developing my own practice deeper or educating myself on certain aspects of wellness, I love to travel with my partner Christopher and spend time with our children. We also love good food spots and are constantly on the search for great places to eat in new cities.

What makes you smile?

Too many things to name I suppose. I smile frequently, from cat videos, to just about anyone laughing, to simply knowing someone has discovered something truly wonderful about themselves. There are so many beautiful things in this life, I try to soak it all in.

What are you never without?Tawn Williams smiling in a blue flower dress

The obvious answer is my phone, though I don’t consider myself to be occupied by it much. Other must haves are a crystal in my pocket here or there, beaded earrings, or some sort of snack.

What scares you?

I wouldn’t say it scares me, but I think a lot about how so many people in the world pass on without knowing their true beauty or developing the gifts that we need in this world. So many of us spend time focusing on things that cause anxiety, stress, or self-doubt, when there are far more things to celebrate and discover. I just want every person to know they truly are needed and valued in their lives.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

I don’t have a favorite just yet; I have so much more traveling to do! We loved our time in Greece, and I have family in Montreal I also love to visit.  For the future, I’ve always wanted to go to the Maldives, so that may be next on the list.

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