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Melanie Marten Feature

Melanie Marten started the boutique public relations firm The Coup in 2010. The Coup operates from offices in Berlin, Germany, and for two years...

Maria-Liisa Bruckert Feature

Maria-Liisa Bruckert is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the Health Tech company SQIN. She is skilled in Digital Strategy, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Start-up...

Maki Moussavi Feature

Maki Moussavi is an executive coach, speaker and author who helps executives and organizations who seek to empower, strengthen and transform their leadership and...

Haley Pavone Feature

Haley Pavone is the Founder & CEO at Pashion Footwear. Haley is an entrepreneur whose ambition & passion for innovation led her to create...

Yvonne Dam Feature

Yvonne Dam is the CEO of Amaze Yourself and is an online business coach that helps driven business owners to double their income and not their hours. She...

Melanie Aronson Feature

Melanie Aronson is the founder and CEO of Panion, a community management platform and app for meeting like-minded people through common interests. She has...


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