Knowledge Management Can Be a One-Stop-Shop

processor with digital AI brain representing knowledge management solutions

Many companies search for the right solutions to tackle the most pressing needs without considering the future. Smart investments into knowledge management solutions are the ones that can handle a variety of tasks with a single deployment.

This article will explore various reasons enterprises explore and deploy solutions in the first place and recognize that it can all be done seamlessly with the correct singular product.

Reason #1: The Changing Labor Force

People are coming and going at faster rates than the workforce has ever seen – all the more important to have accessible knowledge of data that experts have created for past projects. With people being replaced for various reasons, efficient onboarding and training are necessary. For someone to learn a new skill, they need access to information. What better information is there than the ones created by their predecessor and other experienced people with similar roles? Knowledge management solutions using AI puts information in the hands of newer employees for fast and productive learning so they can get started constructively without slowing down business operations.

Reason #2: Finding Experts

Different than reason number one, experts still exist within organizations. Information related to the best person to contact and where is a difficult feat for large enterprises, especially ones with global offices. The same knowledge management solutions that connect new employees to information can connect employees to people within their company. Connecting data sources such as organizational charts and authored documents is the key to building this connection. At Mindbreeze and in the industry, these are often called “knowledge graphs.” Knowledge graphs show the correlation between entities, including people, and their topic of expertise.

Reason #3: Functional Areas, Use Cases, and Automation

As mentioned in the introduction, there are multiple use cases that knowledge management solutions can tackle with the power of automation.

From a customer support and service perspective, chatbots can automatically direct visitors to the correct website content to answer their queries.

From a maintenance perspective, front-line workers can easily access machine parts and components documentation so equipment can get fixed faster – reducing downtime.

From a legal perspective, lawyers and in-house counsel can access contracts, past claims, and cases and receive extracted insights on entities involved in their current cases. This level of automation is achievable through multiple artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques.

From a sales perspective, information and proactive insights on existing customers and potential clients can be triggered with a simple search – allowing knowledge management solutions to act as a search engine for the company. In addition, these practices can automatically generate responses to tenders and dashboards highlighting data from CRMs and all other sales documentation.

Reason #4: Seamless Integration for the Digital Workplace

The digital workplace remains a hot topic for the foreseeable future. Optimizing technology deployments in the digital workplace is made possible by integrations. Workers have many applications they already use and are familiar with and comfortable operating.

What if a new knowledge management solution could seamlessly integrate into applications such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce? The good news is that Mindbreeze InSpire can connect to those and many more. The same data used to enhance worker experience by quickly finding people, solving use cases, and accessing company information is achievable inside any application a company is already using. Integration minimizes the need to go back and forth between your enterprise search solution and stay directly in the application employees are working in – saving tons of time and creating productive, happy workers.

Knowledge Management Solutions

AI, automation, and data connection significantly solve multiple enterprise pain points with a single solution and make the investment worthwhile. You should consider knowledge management solutions for your enterprise.


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