How Machine Learning Is Changing the Face of Education

children in school learning with AI and technology

There’s no denying that AI and tech is changing all areas of our lives, and for the better. This is especially true of education, which is changing all the time to meet the needs of those who are learning. Here’s how machine learning is changing the face of education, and how it’s benefiting learners.

Adaptive Learning

This is a method of machine learning that’s really benefiting students. You’ll be collecting data on students as they learn, and that can be put to good use. With some software, the data is collected in real time. When this is happening, it can be examined in real time and the teaching style can be changed on the fly.

When this happens, the teaching style is changed up in order to help the learner. They should be able to get the best teaching for their needs, and so they can take more away from a session.

Personalized Learning

With that machine learning software, you can help your students learn to the very best of their ability. ‘Every student learns differently, and so you’ll want to bring them the best possible education’ says educator Harry Ulman, from UKWritings and Revieweal. ‘That’s something that you can get from machine learning.’

With machine learning, students can actually personalize their own learning. They can learn at their own pace as the AI can analyze their current learning and adapt accordingly. They also get more control over their learning, which helps them stay engaged with their education.

Improving Efficiency

As a teacher, you have so much to sift through when it comes to teaching materials. It’s time consuming to go through them and work out what you’re going to be using in class. That’s where they’re using machine learning. They use the AI to sort through data and understand what teaching materials they should be using.

As a teacher, that’s going to be essential to you. As you have less and less time to handle all aspects of your job, having a way to cut down on this task will be very welcome.

Predictive Analysis

In your school, you’ll need to be able to predict how your students will do in exams and other tests. In the past, you’d have to do this manually for each student. That takes up a lot of time as you have to go through the data on each student and work out where you think they will be.

Machine learning AI will sort through that data for you and predict exam results without you having to have any more input. Again, this is something that helps free up just so much time. ‘You can use this data to quickly identify students who need help, too’ says Kelly Peterson, a writer at Custom Writing. ‘That allows you to intervene more quickly and help the student to catch up.’ Just another way machine learning is changing the face of education.

Learning Analytics

As a teacher, you’ll pride yourself in being able to help your students understand a concept. This will never work 100% of the time though, and you won’t be sure where the students have lost you. With machine learning though, you don’t need to stay lost.

You can use it to analyse the data from your lessons and make conclusions. You’ll usually be able to see where a connection was missed and be able to solve the problem. This allows you to help your students get what they need from your teaching, even if they didn’t get it the first time around.

Evaluating Assessments

There’s no denying that marking assessments is a long and drawn-out process. With machine learning, it’s a lot shorter though, as you can feed assignments through it and get the marks from it. There will need to be some input from you as a teacher, but you’ll still be able to get the results much more quickly.

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways that you can use machine learning and how it is changing the face of education. It’s changing the way pupils engage with learning, and helping teachers improve the way they teach. You’ll see this become more and more common in the coming years, so you can get ahead of the curve to improve education.


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