A Beginner Guide to Get Started with SAP Analytics Cloud


SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a cloud-based tool that provides real-time analytics, data visualization, and collaboration features. It’s a powerful business intelligence tool designed to help users make informed decisions by offering in-depth insights into their data. Many working professionals are undergoing SAP Analytics Cloud training. This will help them enhance their careers in cloud technologies and boost their skills in using this tool.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a user-friendly tool designed to support the growth of businesses. It’s great for individual decision-making and ensuring organized information sharing within a company. Regardless of your business type, this SAP solution is useful for making informed decisions.

SAP SAC planning is like a one-stop-shop in the cloud that combines analytics and planning. It means you can quickly go from understanding data to making decisions. You can also consider different scenarios to ensure your business plans are great. Plus, it can create plans automatically based on predictions, helping you make fast and smart decisions. It’s your go-to tool for making things happen in your business.

Features of SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Scalability for Businesses: Made for corporate growth, SAP SAC solution offers the ability to expand seamlessly.
  • Efficient User Management: Users can easily add new users and groups with advanced user management features.
  • Reliable and Secure Information Access: It ensures a trustworthy and secure platform for accessing and distributing information.
  • Self-Service Provisioning: SAP SAC empowers users with self-service capabilities, ensuring timely delivery within established boundaries.
  • Collaboration Made Easy: SAP SAC planning facilitates collaborative efforts by sharing insights and planning across different departments and team members.
  • Flexible Access Options: Users can use their insights and analytics catalog through cloud, on-premise, or third-party platforms.

How can you start with SAP Analytics Cloud?

Starting your SAP Analytics Cloud journey is easy – just sign up for a free trial or get a license. You can refer your SAP consulting partner for easier assistance.  Once you have an account, the platform offers endless possibilities. You can create a customized model or import data from familiar sources like Excel, CSV, or SAP HANA. SAP Analytics Cloud is your data hub, allowing you to gather and analyze data in one central space effortlessly.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, the user-friendly interface makes it simple to make informed decisions through insightful data analysis.

Set up a trial version of SAC

To speed up your learning process, you must set up a trial version of SAP SAC to practice hands-on.

The only way to obtain a hands-on account is by registering for the SAC trial instance, which lasts 90 days. You have the option to extend this trial by an additional 60 days, making it a total of 150 days. However, please review the terms and conditions, as SAP keeps modifying them.

SAP Analytics Cloud Model Creation

A model in SAP Analytics Cloud is like a digital container that holds various pieces of information. Imagine it as a virtual space where you can gather data sources, categories, values, and calculations. 

To make a new model, just click the “+” button on the main screen and pick “Model.” From there, choose where your data comes from, set up how to connect to it, and decide which parts you want to include. Once your data is brought in, you can then build categories and values based on the information you’ve collected.

Data Visualization in SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud provides you with many ways to show and understand your data better. You can make different charts, graphs, and tables that fit what you like. The tool goes even further with fancy features like predicting the future, grouping similar things, and analyzing relationships. This helps you see trends and patterns in your data without too much effort.

Collaborating with SAP Analytics Cloud

With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can work together seamlessly. Share your findings instantly with others by passing on your models, stories, and dashboards. Team up by adding comments and notes right in the tool. Plus, there’s a mobile app, so you can stay connected and access your data and insights wherever you are. This makes it super convenient to make smart decisions, no matter where you are.

SAP Analytics Cloud Advanced Features

SAP Analytics Cloud takes your analytics up a notch with some amazing features. First off, there’s predictive analytics, which helps you predict future trends and spot potential risks and opportunities. Then, there’s machine learning, which automates tasks and finds patterns you might miss. 

And there’s natural language processing, so you can talk to the tool in plain language and easily get the insights you’re after. It’s like having a smart assistant to make your analytics supercharged and user-friendly.

In Conclusion

SAP Analytics Cloud opens up endless opportunities for analyzing data and making informed decisions. In a data-driven era, SAP Analytics Cloud proves to be a trustworthy and cutting-edge solution, providing not just analytics but an all-encompassing platform for planning and teamwork. Whether you’re steering your business’s future or tackling the intricacies of data analysis, SAP Analytics Cloud is ready to streamline the process and support you at every turn. Begin your SAP Analytics Cloud journey today and unleash the complete power of data-driven decision-making. For simplified assistance, consider reaching out to your SAP consulting partner.


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