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What are the Benefits of Cloud Automation?

You may have heard the term before, but perhaps you’re still asking yourself, “What are the benefits of cloud automation?” There are some common...

Cloud Solutions Level Payments for Regional/Small Banks

Large banks invested in modernizing payment infrastructures providing customers with seamless, secure payment capabilities – now, a Hexaware/Finastra partnership enables smaller and mid-sized banks...

A Guide to Keeping Your Data Center Safe in Any Situation

Whether your data center is for gaming, protecting information, or a little extra storage, you want to prepare for any situation that might damage...

Luke Norris

Luke Norris Founder & Chairman Technology, Entrepreneur Denver, CO, USA Listen to Luke's Podcast! Luke Norris is the Founder and Chairman of Faction, originally under the name Elementek in...

5 Things to Love and Hate About the Cloud

We’re hearing a lot from Enterprises when it comes to their relationship with the cloud. Here are five things they’re loving and five things...

The Top 5 Cloud Service Providers and Their Benefits

In the past, people viewed cloud computing as an optional upgrade for companies. But today, it has evolved into an essential for industry success...


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