4 Innovations Taking the World of Online Poker by Storm

ace of spades card in online poker

Over the past few years, the casino industry has arguably evolved above and beyond many others. In large part, this is due to how it quickly and effectively adopted technology. Poker became a particularly huge winner thanks to the industry’s digital transformation. Today, online poker is slowly becoming legal in the US. Michigan even became the fifth state to allow players another way to play the highly-popular card game and sport.

Yet online poker is more than just an alternative to its traditional counterpart. With recent innovations, the online poker experience has only become more enhanced over time. For example, the fast Internet afforded by new 5G technology introduced live streaming dealers and real-time interactions between players — helping users feel like they’re at the casino in person.

This is only one well-received innovation among many. Want to learn about other online poker improvements being introduced and that are raising the stakes even higher? Let’s investigate what’s in the cards.


As cryptocurrencies become more widely used, we will likely see their widespread introduction as a means to deposit and play on poker platforms. We’ve previously discussed that crypto offers security and anonymity benefits that far outweigh those offered by regular fiat currencies. There are minimal security risks thanks to the high transparency of blockchain technology’s online ledger system. It’s clear where and who is accessing the funds. The near immediacy of crypto transactions also means that players will benefit from seeing their balance rise within minutes of their withdrawal requests. It’s no wonder that the big names in online poker — like Ignition Poker and BetOnline Poker — now allow players to pay in crypto.

Virtual Reality

Although VR was introduced into gaming some time ago, it’s only over the past few years that it’s really taken off. In fact, modern poker games like PokerStars VR can now give players an interactive heads-up display to help them calculate poker odds. The game is changing even further with the Metaverse coming into play. With this development, online poker players may soon enjoy a whole new level of immersion when it comes to the remote, live experiences — experiences that help them feel like they’re actually at the casino, even from the comfort of their own homes.

More mobile options

With billions of people now preferring to play via mobile — and thanks to the aforementioned development of fast 5G connectivity — we will likely see more games being shaped towards those who like their games short and fast. Speed-based games, which limit the number of players at the table and the time to make decisions, are likely. Mobile apps like Zynga Poker currently offer speed rounds that encourage aggressive play, making for shorter games that are more suitable for pocket-friendly devices. This way, you can enjoy a quick round whether you’re on the commute to work or waiting for your dinner to cook in the microwave — and you’ll even have a few minutes to spare.

Poker live streams

With live streaming sites, you don’t need pay-per-view TV to watch poker tournaments. Twitch is especially popular because it’s more interactive. You can chat with others on a live stream and end up joining or even forming communities for online poker enthusiasts. The platform even airs major tournaments hosted by household poker names like the World Series of Poker, so you can stay tuned to the latest events wherever you are. You can even try to enter the world of poker live streams by sharing your own games — something that, if you’re successful, can even reward you with an additional source of income.

In summary

It’s an exciting time for online poker players. As the card game’s digital counterpart continues to embrace innovation, online play will only become safer and even more enjoyable.


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