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From Start to Success: Using AR to Revolutionize Your Startup

From cross-platform to WebAR and even making strides in the Metaverse, AR tech is the talk of the town for its functionality across various...

4 Innovations Taking the World of Online Poker by Storm

Over the past few years, the casino industry has arguably evolved above and beyond many others. In large part, this is due to how...

The Underlying Humanity of Augmented Reality

We spend a lot of time talking about change at Signal Theory. We’ve seen it firsthand as people have shifted their media consumption habits...

Mike Snow

Mike Snow Co-Founder & Executive Director Technology, Entrepreneur Salt Lake City, UT, USA Listen to Mike's Podcast! Mike Snow is co-founder and Executive Director of ESG at Seek, a...

Industries Using Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality technology (AR) is a technology that is being embraced by many industries for the incredible benefits that its abilities offer. This technology...

Top Technology Advancements in the Military

People who serve our country deserve the utmost respect and gratitude. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure soldiers have superior equipment for use...


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