From Start to Success: Using AR to Revolutionize Your Startup

young man using AR to Revolutionize Your Startup with AR goggles

From cross-platform to WebAR and even making strides in the Metaverse, AR tech is the talk of the town for its functionality across various industries. Just last year, Amazon tapped into augmented reality with virtual try-ons for shoes, which allow customers to visualize how shoes look on their feet from multiple angles before purchasing them. We’ll explain how using AR to revolutionize your startup can make the all difference.

After half a decade of stagnation, AR is finally finding its way, and with constant innovations in the tech, leveraging it in your business will help revolutionize your startup. Let’s outline and explore some ways in which you can incorporate this new technology into your startup to enable growth.

1. Bring ideas to life and enhance product development

One of the most significant benefits that AR offers is its ability to conceptualize ideas in real time and test their feasibility. Entrepreneurs can now create more detailed visualizations earlier in the development process with much less investment compared to other forms of rapid prototyping. Once a product takes shape, you can also experience how it appears and operates in reality, giving you the opportunity to make modifications and optimizations before officially launching it.

Automobile manufacturers, for instance, utilize a process called spatial augmented reality (SAR), which can help create immersive content by overlapping virtuality and the real-world environment. The BMW group uses a specialized AR app in vehicle concept and prototype engineering, which speeds up the whole process by as much as 12 months!

2. Improve workforce productivity with the help of real-time training

Startups have limited funding to spend on extensive and costly employee training programs, but AR can provide an all-encompassing solution to this. From hands-on training experiences to virtual workshops and even performance feedback, AR can streamline all your business’ coaching and instruction needs.

At Boeing, there has been a dramatic increase in workforce productivity with the help of using AR to revolutionize and an improvement in quality as well. A study showed that when asked to assemble a mock wing, trainees who used an AR tablet were 30 percent faster and 90 percent more accurate on their first tries compared to other groups.

3. Create a smooth customer experience through visualization

One of the most valuable advantages that AR provides startups, especially those involved in retail, is the ability to visualize products in real-time. This makes shopping easier and more customer friendly than before. Customers can test products before purchasing them, creating a unique and personalized experience and improving brand loyalty. By using AR in your startup, you can gain a competitive edge over your competitors by differentiating yourself from them.

Furniture giant Ikea employed augmented reality in their new app, Ikea Place, which lets you virtually place Ikea furnishings in your home to see how the design, size, and colors look in your space. These kinds of experiences are not only fun and interactive but also help customers make more informed buying decisions.

4. Assist in marketing efforts

Marketing is highly driven by consumer wants, and with the availability of new technology, consumers opt for brands that leverage it and deliver new experiences using it. This is why using using AR to revolutionize is increasingly being used by industry professionals to assist in their marketing campaigns. Startups can create interactive and creative marketing experiences that will attract and retain customers. These experiences can then be shared on social media and other digital platforms, which will help boost brand recognition and enhance customer interaction.

The launch of Coca-Cola Starlight was a one-of-a-kind AR experience, bringing a concert on a can. All customers had to do was scan the QR code on the can to enjoy a performance by Ava Max. By incorporating AR, Coca-Cola was able to engage the audience and create a memorable experience that not only showcased its brand but also provided value to their customers.

AR Tech: Short-Term Investment with Long-Term Gains

By using AR, startups can gain a competitive advantage and position themselves for long-term success. It allows them to level the playing field with big enterprises and portray themselves in a unique way. Apart from improving workforce productivity and helping create immersive customer experiences, AR can also significantly reduce costs involved in product development, testing, marketing, and employee training programs.

Moreover, AR has proven to be helpful in analyzing customer data to create new product strategies and make predictions about the future. This can be used to create personalized user experiences based on their habits and buying patterns, which in turn increases conversions, drives sales, and increases overall profits.

An increasing number of business owners are acknowledging that investing in AR technology is a short-term investment that will reap benefits for years to come. Adopting augmented reality is the key to revolutionizing your startup and will definitely set it on track to inevitable success. This is how using AR to revolutionize your startup will make all the difference.


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