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Jaakko Rytsölä

Jaakko Rytsölä Founder & CEO Technology, Software Helsinki, Finland Listen to Jaakko's Podcast! Jaakko Rytsölä is the Founder and CEO of Devolon, an IT Services and software development company...

Norman Happ

Norman Happ CEO Technology, Entrepreneur San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Norman's Podcast! Norman Happ is EZ Texting's CEO. Previously, he was at Evernote since 2016 as Senior Vice...

Benjamin Rees

Benjamin Rees Chief Marketing Officer Technology, Software Cambridge, England Listen to Ben's Podcast! Benjamin Rees is the Chief Marketing Officer at Redgate, a role that mixes marketing leadership, general...

Natalie Pilling

Natalie Pilling Chief Executive OfficerTechnology, SoftwareWarsaw, Poland Listen to Natalie's Podcast! Natalie is the CEO of EL Passion, a Poland-based software development & design agency. She's also...

Louis Têtu

Louis Têtu Chairman & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur Quebec City, ON, Canada Listen to Louis' Podcast! Louis Têtu is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Coveo. Prior to Coveo, Louis...

Vijay Sikka

Vijay Sikka Chairman & CEO Healthcare, Software, AI San Jose, CA, USA Vijay's Podcast! Vijay Sikka is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sikka Software Corporation. Under...


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