Scott Wagner

Headshot of Scott Wagner

Scott Wagner

Chief Information Officer
Technology, Software, Big Data
New York, NY, USA

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Scott Wagner is the Chief Information Officer at the Lifetime Value Company, featuring brands like BeenVerifiedBumperOwnerly and more.

He leads the team in all areas of the data development process, from hands-on dev to helping roadmap and plan out the long term processes and vision for the company and all its brands.

Scott joined The Lifetime Value Company with a long career in software and big data development. Scott has been a part of two of the big success stories within the data space and had a front row seat, and hands on coding, for those companies being created and acquired.

He started his data career with a company called Accurint that was later sold to LexisNexis and is the backbone of the LexisNexis data technology still to this day. He then went on to be an early employee at a company called TLO and was the CTO at the time of their sale to Transunion.

Scott Wagner is also featured on our premiere Features Page.

Over the past decade, Lifetime Value has built a collection of data-driven consumer brands including,,,,, and They use their skills in marketing, product and data to unlock long-term value for customers, investors and employees.


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